Fingersafe® Closing the door on finger injuries!

A British product, and the first on the market, the Fingersafe® door protection system is now sold and patented worldwide. Inconspicuous and easy to install these unique products fit the full length on both sides of the door and protect fingers from crush injuries. Suitable for all doors including fire doors Fingersafe® is now considered a necessity by Health and Safety officers worldwide who have identified the very young, elderly and those with special needs as being particularly vulnerable to these dangers.

Without Fingersafe® the unprotected gaps on the hinge side of a door exerts up to 40 tons per square inch of pressure on a trapped finger resulting in trauma, mutilation and sometimes amputation.

Fingersafe® is available in three models, MK1A, MK1B and MK1C, for use on butt hinge hung, flush, bi-fold and UPVC doors. Made from durable PVC material in a variety of colours and suitable for all commercial and domestic applications. Fingersafe® is now installed in many familiar establishments including Mcdonald’s, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and KFC. It is rapidly becoming an essential fixture in schools, educational buildings and healthcare centres nationwide. As an approved US Government supplier Fingersafe® is now fitted in the White House Day Care Centre on Capital Hill, Washington DC.

Please beware of similarly named imitations and inferior products claiming to offer the same protection – Fingersafe® is the original design and the only one offering full safety and durability.

** NEW **
Fingersafe Antibacterial MK2 Door Safety Product

Available Now 


for Hinge Opening Side


for Hinge Pin Side


for Bi-fold & Flush fit doors

diagram-mk1a diagram-mk1b diagram-mk1c

This product is available in a range of colours :


MK1A and MK1B are available in all colours shown above.
MK1C is available in Dark Blue, Light Grey, White or Brown.

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